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Ecuador Trip: Day 3 {Baños}

Hmmm, I suppose as long as I get these all blogged before we hit the one year anniversary of our trip it will be okay! Eek!  My New Year's resolution is to get better about blogging way more quickly!

So!  On the third day of our trip to Ecuador, Amber and I took a bus from Quito to Banos.  Banos is known as the "adventure" capital of Ecuador because of all of the crazy activities you can do there!  We didn't have very much time there though, so we had a short list of must-see things and we didn't waste any time.  We got off the bus and walked to our hostel through the cute little center of town.  Immediately I wished we had booked at least three days here.  It was awesome.  Our hostel (oddly enough the cheapest from the whole trip) was my favorite.  We had an awesome private room and on the roof was a round eating area for breakfast with an outside deck where you could play pool and sit and use the wifi.  No matter where you sat you could see waterfalls and mountains.  Once we put our stuff down we asked about getting a taxi to take us to some waterfalls and the infamous "swing at the end of the world".  The girl at the front desk told us she would call one and he could take us all over the place for one set fee.  Even though it was "expensive", he was great and was full of knowledge and Amber could ask him a bunch of questions.  We started off by driving by some neat waterfalls.  Eventually he pulled over and told us to get out and go across a "tarabita" which was sort of like a cable car across a gorge.  We said no at first but then though, oh what the heck."  It was mildly terrifying.  And oddly enough for the way back across we were joined by two large dogs and a 4 year old girl.

We got back in the cab and carried on to another waterfall before stopping at the big one that I was most excited to see!  The Pailon del Diablo "Devil's Cauldron" is famous for its insane amount of water flowing down and beauty.  We hiked down about twenty minutes to it and spent a while taking it in!  We got soaked!  Then we went across an awesome suspension bridge for a nice view and hiked back up to the top!

When we were finished our driver took us to a look out spot that showed the city of Banos from above, showed us some native Ecuadorian tomatoes (very different than our tomatoes!), and then took us on to "the swing at the end of the world" which we were both so excited for!  You get to swing out over a cliff while looking out at the mountains.  Unfortunately there was a long line and the clouds were rolling in but it was still super awesome and definitely a must-do for anyone going to Ecuador! 

When we were finished our driver asked us if we would like to go to another swing (a much bigger one!) for 5 bucks.  We said "hey what the heck" and took him up on his offer.  What we found was a large contraption on a local's farm with a big line of people who were unsure whether they wanted to do it or not.  It seemed a little sketchy.  As soon as Amber said she would go first, I obviously decided I was satisfied just watching her and didn't need to do it myself.  She was having second thoughts and voicing them to me while she was getting strapped in but I told her to just do it!!! She's done crazier things! (such as bungee jumping off a bridge)  

When it was over we got a very special treat!  The clouds cleared and we got a very very RARE view of Tunguarhua Volcano!  It was gorgeous and an awesome end to the day!

Day 2 of Banos is up next!