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Ecuador Trip: Days 1-2 {Cuenca & Ingapirca}

Yay! I'm finally getting around to blogging the first part of my amazing trip at the end of March.  I met my friend Amber (world-traveler extraordinaire) in Quito the night of March 28 to begin our quick 12 day jaunt around the small, very diverse, country of Ecuador.  We spent the night by the airport and immediately headed back to fly to the third largest city of Cuenca.  Cuenca is known for its old architecture and beauty, as well as its appeal to retirees, many of whom are American.  We arrived relatively early and took a taxi to our "hostal".  It is difficult to use the word hostel for many of these spots we stayed because they were so nice!  Complete with private baths, breakfast, etc.  This one - Posada del Angel, was so interesting with its huge "courtyard-like" appearance on the inside.  


We put our stuff down and decided to explore a bit.  We had wanted to visit a national park we had read about but the weather there was apparently very cold and wet.  We were advised against doing this so we walked around the city instead.  We quickly realized that it was Palm Sunday after seeing palms and flowers everywhere!  Quite the site!

We ended by looking for a "panama hat" for Amber, since she was desperate to have one, and then walking along this river pictured above.  We headed back to the hostel and took a nap.  After our nap we took a cab up to Mirador del Turi, a view point on a hill by a church that overlooked Cuenca.  We got up there in time to see the sun go down and the city light up.


The next day we took a bus two hours away to Ingapirca, the main Inca ruins of Ecuador.  Ingapirca is known as the "Machu Picchu" of Ecuador, but it is much smaller and older.  They only conducted tours in Spanish so Amber tried to fill me in on the important stuff that the guide was saying as we went along.  It was interesting and quite something to see, but it made us both want to go to Machu Picchu!  After we got some lunch and the bus back we headed back to town so Amber could purchase her hats and then we flew back to Quito.

Banos is up next!