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Europe Trip: Day 8 {Lermoos, Austria}

We left Italy on the seventh day and drove back to Austria, this time staying a bit more west in the town of Lermoos.  Lermoos was again a little ski village but was quite different than Lofer.  Lermoos had a lot more farm land and the mountains seemed to be spread out a bit more which made them appear more grand since a lot of them stood on their own.  We again had awesome accommodations in a little pension and since it was off season we were the only ones staying there.  We went to bed and woke up to a wonderful sunshine filled day.  We walked around a bit and saw what the area was like right around us.  

The view off our back deck was amazing and as we ate breakfast, we soaked it in while planning what we were going to do with the day.  The original plan had always been to go up to the top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, in a cable car.  The cable car on the Austrian side was closed which we were not expecting so we altered our plans to drive over the border into Germany to go up the Zugspitzebahn.  We were unsure of what the weather would do but we drove over anyway.  When we got there the entire top of the mountain was covered in thick clouds.  The tickets to the top were super expensive so we spent a while debating whether we risk spending all that money and see nothing, or we leave wondering if the clouds would lift and we'd miss an amazing experience.  Amy finally made an executive decision to just go so we all followed suit.  We didn't know it yet, but was that ever the right choice!

The bottom cable car was closed so we had to take a very long train (that went through the mountain!) to the second cable car that would take us to the top.  First are the views from the train and cable car:

When we got to the top the clouds were pretty thick but we considered ourselves lucky when we got little tiny snippets of a view when there was a hole in the clouds...

There's Lermoos! (below)


After a while we went in for some pretzels and beer and while we were eating we were so shocked and happy to see that it completely cleared! So I rushed outside and was able to grab some shots of the absolutely stunning view that we had.

Just above you can see our view from the ground looking up at where we can just see the tower where we were standing when we were up there.


After that we decided that we really wanted to explore one of the beautiful turquoise lakes we had passed on our drive into Lermoos the day before.  So we found one on a map and found a little road into and set off to explore.

The difference in landscape from the mountains was mind blowing.  This area looked hot and dry, almost arid and it was hard to believe that we had only driven about 20 minutes.

We left after some walking around to go back to Lermoos to see more of the town and find a place to eat dinner.

Amy did Mom's hair.....ummm

This walk "home" after dinner in the evening sun was one of the highlights of the was truly spectacular...we had amazing views and of course I had to pull a Maria and sing the sound of music while twirling here too!

Looks like the cows found a nail to scratch on!


We ended our day in the same spot where we started it with this little group of sheep.  We all disagreed on what they were...Amy was convinced they were goats.

So ends our time in Austria!  Our last day of the trip, and last blog post is up next!

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