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Europe Trip: Day 7 {Seiser Alm, Castelrotto, Italy}

One week into our trip we had made it to Italy.  This was part of the trip that I never imagined doing in the beginning stages of our planning, but I was thrilled that we did.  It was neat to say that I had been to Italy, even if it was only for one day.  Amy had been here before and loved it so she was eager to show us what she had done.  Unfortunately, we had a cloudy day so the views were not what she had been hoping for.  The cloudy/wetness of the day did actually make for some awesome hiking in the woods though and we still filled our day with a bunch of amazing sites.  From the moment we crossed over the border I began seeing castle ruins everywhere.  So exploring a castle was very high on my list of things I wanted to do.  Luckily, Amy knew of one relatively close by so we set off for it.

We found the parking lot where we were going to leave the car while we hiked.  It was at a little resort way up in the woods that didn't seem to have anyone around.  Brandon and I got out of the car first and immediately spotted this huge, unique looking playground.  And then we saw this:

The picture doesn't even do them justice...literally the longest slides we'd ever seen.  So naturally Brandon said we had to go down them.  I refused, remembering that it had just finished raining about ten minutes prior to arriving.  Rain, metal thanks.  Brandon couldn't resist and this is what happened:


Definitely wish I had been standing at the bottom for that one...bahahah.  Poor Brandon, he was pretty sore for the next few days...luckily his camera (which you can see flying out of his hands in the middle picture above) was alright.  After this happened, we headed into the woods.  The hiking trails were pretty confusing so we ended up wandering around not sure where to go for a little bit.  We eventually figured it out and headed toward the castle ruins.

After our hike we got in the car and continued up to drive around and see Seiser Alm, the largest high-altitude alpine meadow in Europe.  While it was sort of cloudy and not prime time for alpine flowers, we still got a pretty awesome view!  After cruising around we stopped at a small place for lunch.

The picture below shows a faint view of the castle ruins we explored from the road on our drive back to Austria.

It was a short time in Italy but well worth it!  Got to see some grape vines before we left and one last glimpse of the Dolomites!  Lermoos, Austria is up next!

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